Nursing home abuse is a type of case that is covered by the personal injury law. Lawsuits associated with nursing home abuse typically accuse nursing homes or nursing staff of mistreating the elderly patients in any way. As any normal family member, people who place their beloved elderly in care facilities just want the best treatment for their relative. Unfortunately, according to the personal injury lawyers at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, many instances have proved that the employees at care facilities continually abuse and neglect the patients. Any form of abuse may result in the decline of the health of an individual, and families of abused patients may very well seek help from lawyers once they suspect nursing homes and staff of wrongdoings.

In these cases, it is extremely important to know what kind of abuse was done to the patient. This way, it becomes easier to plan and build a case against the responsible party. The forms of nursing abuse are physical, emotional, financial, and sexual.

Physical abuse may just be the most common among the group, and it is the when the use of physical force has caused harm to the patient. Hitting, shoving, inappropriate force and restraints are just a few examples that constitute physical abuse. This type of abuse also has the most obvious signs, since the force often leaves mark on the body. Emotional abuse is when an employee’s action has caused emotional distress to the elderly. Humiliation, mockery, intimidation, and blaming are considered forms of emotional abuse, among many other more.

When an employee engages in non-consensual sexual conduct with the elderly, it is considered sexual abuse. The simple act of showing pornographic materials to the patient is considered abuse already. Financial abuse, lastly, is when a nursing home staff tricks or forces an elderly to disclose information associated with money, such as bank accounts and checks.

Whatever form of nursing home abuse a person might experience, the family of the victim is guaranteed to find legal help in the form of personal injury lawyers, since they specialize is various cases that involves a victim being aggravated by someone else’s negligence, and in this case, a nursing home or a staff. If you or someone you know is expereincing workplace abuse please visit this website.

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